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Life Coaching Yourself To Better Health

Self improvement is never far from many women's minds. Yet this is something we often tell ourselves we will take care of 'later'. As we know too well, 'later' seldom becomes the reality. At least, not until we experience personal crisis and our hands are forced to make much needed change to the way we live our lives.

In addition, 'change' rarely start when we merely promise ourselves 'we will do this, or that'. It only starts when we make a commitment to understanding:

  • Why we're doing what we're doing
  • How what we're doing is affecting us
  • What we want to change for the better
  • What we can now do to make things happen
  • The need to make a firm commitment to change
  • The importance of setting a timescale for achieving it

    with this level of awareness and motivation can you then plan your course of action to bring about change to your health and to your life. This is the starting point for becoming your own life coach.

    Becoming your own personal life coach

    Before you can begin your personal life coaching quest, you must simply stop making promises to yourself - (talking) and start the process of really getting to know you - what makes you unhappy, what will make you happy, what stands in the way of your happiness, what would it take to remove that barrier.

  • This is the art of becoming your own coach, since no one will ever know you better. You are the best person who can say how life events are contributing to your reality and ultimately to your health. Making the necessary change to - 'how you think' and 'what you think about' isn't as difficult as you might perceive.

    Just think about what you are actually doing when you guide your children or your 'nearest and dearest' in ways that will help them maximise their potential.

  • You are demonstrating life coaching qualities when you reassure and praise them for making a huge effort with their school work etc.,

  • You are being a life coach when you refuse to interfere or to tell them what to do - but instead ask them what they want to do when- ever they appear to be in crisis or conflict with their friendship networks

  • You are using coaching skills when you make enquiries of them about how they are feeling and what they want to see happen to make things better

  • You are on your way to becoming a life coach when you help your children explore all the possible options that are available to them, enabling them to make their own decisions as young adults

  • The same can be said when you support them and help them to draw on the qualities and skills you know will motivate them even further

  • The chances are that you are already demonstrating all, if not most of these skills and qualities that are pre-requisite to coaching without even being fully aware.

    Self-coaching isn't rocket science. As you've already gathered, becoming your own life coach is about supporting yourself through a process of discovering and creating ways to achieve what you really want in your health life.

    By now you will have made the connection between the similarities of becoming a life coach and the material on this Health Womens Health web site. I am sure you will agree that it is a comprehensive coaching resource that shows you how to work through and create the life changes you want.

    You might find the following 'how to be your own coach' resource useful. It is designed to supplement the information on the Health Womens Health website and help steer you in the direction of taking positive self-improvement, self-development action!

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