Herbal Health

Are you one among the growing mass of women who have turned to herbal health, naturals, organics or herbal dietary supplements in the hope of maintaining good health?

As increasingly more and more women concern themselves with healthy living and healthy lifestyles, dietary supplements and in particular herbal diet supplements have certainly grown in popularity among many, seeking alternative health and lifestyle choices. But how safe are these herbals for health, womens health and wellness in comparison to drugs?

The whole issue of complementary, alternative therapies and health food supplements have come under the Food And Drug Administration's (FDA's) spotlight of late, with implications for how you access and even use herbal health food supplements and other complementary therapies for health - women might have come to rely on.

But is it simply a case of the (FDA) wanting to remove your freedom of choice between the traditional drug therapy route and the more natural dietary herbal health supplements/complimentary and alternative therapies?

Here are some important pointers on the essential differences between medicine/treatments and complementary and alternative therapies; herbal health supplements; and what they stood for prior to the FDA guidelines which are due to come into effect.

Drugs v Natural Herbal Supplements

The FDA define drugs as:

chemicals that can prevent, prolong life, treat other effects of a health condition, improve the quality of life, and/ or cure ailments and diseases, or alter the function of any part or chemicals inside the body

Drugs (or foods) that fall into the above definition lay claim to therapeutic benefits and therefore have an approved status. Examples include, ibuprophen, paracetamol - which are drugs used to control fever, inflamation and normalise body temperature; and some health food supplements such as iron - used for treatment of mild anemia.

In contrast, herbal supplements are not classified as approved drugs but as dietary supplements. This is because they have no proven, scientifically-backed therapeutic claims, as in the case of drugs. Dietary supplements or herbal dietary supplements can also consist of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbals, with the aim of supplementing your diet according to your needs. However, they should not be used as a meal replacement or substitution for medicine.

New FDA Guidelines On Natural Herbal Supplements/Complimentary And Alternative Therapies

Herbal health care supplements and other food health supplements are presently regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as foods.

This means that they do not have to meet the same standards as drugs and over the counter medications for proof of safety or effectiveness.

A new U.S. (FDA) draft guidance however, has recently been published that can change all that. It reveals the FDA's intentions for herbals, herbal diety suppliments, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). It is being claimed that the FDA is simply serving the interests of the 'Big Pharma' by eliminating all CAM practices and products.

But how does this impact on your herbal health choices in the future? For safety reasons, many women rightly, do not buy into weight loss dietary supplements. However, there are countless women who do rely on and use natural herbals to manage aspects of their health womens health issues and wellness.

How are these new guidelines set to change your health womens health choices as regard natural herbal health choices?

The information on this site is purely of educational value and is not intended to replace your seeking medical advice. You must consult your doctor over all your health concerns.

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