Healthy Self Concept

A Healthy Self Concept And The Rapport Building Process

If a definition of self-concept relate to 'how you see yourself' then a healthy self concept definition can only mean having a healthy sense of self.

One of the key criteria to a healthy self-concept, is your ability to build rapport with yourself. You've perhaps never even given thought to the prospect of doing so. Yet, you are most probably doing this in your every-day life with people whose characteristics are as diverse as their personalities.

You know only too well that when you establish rapport with other people, or engage in rapport building, you have far greater influence over them.

You're probably also aware that you can come up with an idea or a suggestion that is more likely to be respected or more readily accepted by them.

While you may engage in rapport building with other people in very deliberate ways, you may also be using rapport building strategies on such subtle levels, that you may not be fully aware of when or even how you're doing so.

Now, how about taking the time to learn what you're doing and how your are going about doing it. You can then start applying some of those strategies in doing the same for yourself! Learning how to build rapport with yourself is a pre-requisite to having a healthy self concept and self esteem.

A healthy self concept is the basis for a A healthy self esteem, since, - how you see yourself will be largely dependent upon the value you place on yourself and visa versa.

This is the foundation upon which you are able to build rapport, whether it is with other people or with yourself.

In this regard, rapport building will call for a genuine and deep respect for yourself and for others. Deep respect will spring from having a healthy perception of yourself and of other people - definition of self concept.

If your self concept is anything less than healthy, you'll most likely hold an unhealthy opinion/view of yourself. You might even engage in being overly critical, negative, or even conduct yourself in ways that undermine or sabotage your own self-respect.

How To Build Rapport With Yourself

To start building rapport with yourself, consider what it is that you do when you're building rapport with other people.

Might you find that:

  • You're able to listen, acknowledge and respect the other person's point of view? That what they have to say is important?

  • You able to withhold judgement about people and the inclination to tell them what they need to do?

  • You are you showing them, both verbally and non-verbally that you understand and value their point of view?

  • You are able to empathise with their situation without pitying them?

    These are the characteristics of having a healthy self concept and the qualities you'll need to develop if you want to start building rapport with yourself.

    A healthy self-concept or a healthy sense of self doesn't just happen. Like everything else in life, you have to nurture it if it is to serve you well. You can make a start on fostering a healthy self concept by acknowledging and accepting yourself as you are.

    That is, your faults and shortfalls. By doing so, you are most certainly not turning a blind eye to your short-comings. What you are doing however, is saying to yourself and to the world 'hey, I'm not perfect - but you know what, I am who I am, I am doing my best and I love myself for that'.

    Now keep this thought in mind. Daily reminders that you are doing the best you can has got to be 100 times better than beating yourself up about what you could or should have done better. This is the basis on which you nurture your healthy self concept.

    In just the same way that you would most certainly not dream of dis-respecting someone else or being critical or negative about their short-falls, neither should you do this to yourself.

    As you can see, a healthy self-concept means acknowledging your achievements or even your shortfalls in positive, respectful ways.

    A healthy self concept will help you to improve on your results from a positive and optimistic mindset rather than from a critical, destructive stance.

    Are you aware of how healthy your self-concept is? Try this definition of self concept exercise.

    "Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are" (Malcolm S Forbes)

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