Dark Chocolate Health Benefits


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Dark Chocolate Health Benefits

The best part of having dark chocolate is that it is made up of cocoa butter and does not include any non-fat ingredients of the cacao bean.

The high-fiber content in cocoa helps in weight reduction as fiber prevents fat absorption of the body. The epicatechins (antioxidant) of cocoa is known for its fat-burning ability.

Theobromine, found in abundance in cocoa is also good for an increase in energy and weight loss. The flavonoids being a rich chemical compound are found in cocoa, helps in reducing blood pressure.

The main difference between ordinary milk chocolate and dark chocolate is the added cocoa in the dark chocolate which makes it a more flavonoids containing product. Flavonoids also help in keeping the muscles of arteries relaxed and hence make the arteries dilated.

The greater the arteries get dilated the more easily the blood flows. The flavanols also boosts the production of endothelial nitric oxide, which improves vasodilatation, which results in lowering of blood pressure.

The following benefits are given by the dark chocolate: It lowers high blood pressure, It reduces blood clot chances thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Not only is it good for the skin, it has antioxidant properties too.

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