Current Health News: US Diabetes Market to Witness Amazing Growth

by Shushmul Maheshwari
(NOIDA (UP), India)



Current Health News Article: US Diabetes Market to Witness Amazing Growth

According to our latest report “US Diabetes Market Analysis”, the market for products in the management of diabetes in the US has been witnessing a fast pace growth for the past few years.

Around 1.9 Million Americans were diagnosed with diabetes in 2010 and the disease was the seventh largest cause of death during the same period. The diabetes market in the US reached to the mark of US$ 14.9 Billion in 2009, up by over 17% compared to the previous year. Rising incidences of obesity is one of the major factors for a high proliferation in the number of diabetic patients.

Our report has found that insulin syringes occupy a dominant position in the market for insulin delivery. The US insulin syringe market reached around US$ 690 Million in 2010.

Currently, Syringes, along with insulin pumps, have a larger presence in the US market unlike the European and Japanese markets, where over 80% of insulin is delivered through pen devices. However, the market share of insulin syringes is likely to witness a decline due to newer and less painful methods of insulin delivery.

The report “US Diabetes Market Analysis” divides the overall US diabetes market into key segments, such as oral diabetic drug market, insulin market, insulin delivery devices, and glucose monitoring market.

The report has effectively analyzed each of these segments by focusing on current market developments and trends. Moreover, the report illustrates the role of government initiatives in the US diabetes market performance.

The report is an outcome of an in-depth research and prudent analysis of the US diabetes market that covers almost all the key aspects of sector. It also provides an extensive overview of the key players actively participating in diabetes drugs, insulin delivery devices, and glucose monitoring devices sectors. The forecasts in the key areas of report makes use of effective methods and techniques that seek to present a realistic market outlook.

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