Current Health News: Global IVD Market to be Worth US$ 52 Billion by 2013

by Shushmul Maheshwari

RNCOS E-Services Pvt. Ltd.

RNCOS E-Services Pvt. Ltd.

Current Health News: Global IVD Market to be Worth US$ 52 Billion by 2013

The global IVD industry has been witnessing sharp growth patterns for the past few years on the back of factors, such as shifts towards more complex immunochemistry tests to Point of Care (PoC) testing, new technological advancements, and the adoption of cost-cutting measures.

The market size of global IVD market was estimated at US$ 44 Billion in 2010, up by 5% compared to 2009. The market will experience positive developments in technology and innovation in future. Fuelled by strong market drivers, the global IVD market is likely to reach around US$ 52 Billion by 2013 says our new research report “Global In Vitro Diagnostic Market Analysis”.

Currently, the global IVD market is dominated by regions, such as North America, Europe, and Japan, which collectively occupy around 80% share of the total market. In North America, United States has the largest share, which is also a largest IVD market in world.

Germany accounts for a 21% share of the total market in Europe, followed by France and Italy. Japan is the world’s third-largest IVD market, with an estimated 309 Billion Yen size in 2009.

The report “Global In Vitro Diagnostic Market Analysis” divides the overall IVD market into key segments and provides all the important statistic and developments. The report also covers a description regarding key market drivers, which have been boosting the market potential and will provide a growth momentum in future.

The current scenario and future projection of IVD market in key indications have also been provided. Diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, HIV, tuberculosis, and cardiovascular have been analyzed in an effective manner in this regard.

The report is an outcome of an extensive research and prudent analysis of the global IVD market that properly identifies the recent industry developments and analyzes their impact on market performance.

The forecast in key areas of the report makes use of effective methods and techniques that seek to present a realistic view of the future outlook. Last though not the least, a proper coverage of key market players and their recent activities complete the overall industry analysis.

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