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Inside Insight, Issue #007 -- Womens Health - Womens Health and Career Wellness
February 02, 2007

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to February 2007 Edition of Health Womens' 'Inside Insight' Newsletter.
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Editors note

A big 'Thank you' to everyone who has taken the time to write in with your best wishes and kind words of encouragement in relation to the Inside Insights Newsletter. It is always nice to receive your feedback and especially when it concerns changes you would like to see happen with your Newsletter. The focus of this months Inside Insight Newsletter is your career wellness or career health.

For a variety of reasons, many women's career choices are often limited in comparison to men's. This should not prevent you from moving forward with your goals and life ambitions. Yes, granted you might need to revise your career goals or even defer for some years. This however does not mean you stand still or stagnate. I have some solutions you might just find useful in helping you to retain your healthy sense of self - who you are!

1. Healing Thoughts, Healing Actions:
Self-Concept continued... How To Build Rapport With Yourself

2. Living Fit: Career Wellness Dimension - How To Achieve Work Life Balance

Weightloss Exercise - Here's How To Succeed With Your Weight Loss Exercise Goals

3. An Apple A Day - Healthy Eating - Common Barriers to eating healthily - practical solutions for overcoming them.

The Key Approach To Weight Loss Diet Goals - Will Power Alone is not enough!

'Cooks Corner' - Healthy Eating Vegetarian Recipe

4. Beauty And Beyond: What Is The Life Span Of Cosmetic Make Up...

Topical Beauty Food Remedies and Tips

5. Looking Ahead:
A glimpse at just a few of the issues to be covered in the
next edition of Inside Insight Newsletter


1.  Healing Thoughts - Healing Actions

How To Build Rapport With Yourself

Last month we looked at 'a definition of self concept' - how you see yourself. In this issue, the focus is on 'how you go about building rapport with yourself'.

You've perhaps never even given thought to the prospect of building rapport with yourself. Yet, you are most probably doing this in your every-day life with other people whose characteristics are as diverse as their personalities.

You know only too well that when you establish rapport, you have far greater influence with people you know or come into contact with. You're probably also aware that you can come up with an idea or a suggestion that is more likely to be respected or even accepted.

Get The Full Story On How To Build Rapport With Yourself Here


2.  Living Fit

Career Wellness Dimension - Work Life Balance

A new year and some new goals to bring different areas of your 7 areas of wellness into greater balance.

New Year is prominent - perhaps moreso than any other time of the year, when many women's attention turn to their career wellness, - whether it is a total career change, or to bring your career wellness dimension into greater balance or even giving consideration to how to achieve that particular career goal.

When considering how to achieve a career goal or career health, our choices are often limited through a variety of restrictions posed by our family/homelife responsibilities and commitments.

Or, is it perhaps also the case that we may have allowed ourselves to get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle, which understandably cause us to side-step the importance of our career health!

Is it now worth asking yourself why you have or have not made a particular career option? In all likelihoold there will have been a whole sequence of events that has led you to your current career health womens employment status. But if you're not fully conscious of them, how can you even begin to focus on making any meaningful change!

Whether you're married, single, divorced, in a relationship, or have children to support, you will have certain expectations for your career health and wellness within your working environment. These expectations will go beyond your financial security and job satisfaction. For instance, issues around change, work-related stress, your own flexibility and that of your employer.

Learn More Here


How I Achieved My Work Health Goal!

If anyone told me that starting February 2006, by December 2006 I would have successfully established a website business, (for which I am extremely proud), I would never have believed them. You see, the thought never even entered my mind.

Yet, I am a classic example of what you do when life circumstances wreak havoc with your best laid plans for your career or work health goals - and everything comes crashing down around you.

When you get a moment, take a look around the Health Womens website and at the quality of information that has been put together in under a year! Does a year strike you as being quick? No of course not.

what is striking though, is that I've achieved one of my primary goals of offering what I believe to be a much needed service to women - something that's very close to my heart, while at the same time establishing an online home-based business.

Learn More About How I Achieved My Career Wellness Goal From The Comfort Of My Home


Career And Work Goals

Your career health and wellness aspirations and goals need not be put on hold if you have caring responsibilities. Are you are stay-at-home mom or do you work part-time? you may now realise that your hobbies and pastimes can generate you a solid income

Learn More Here


Do You Have An Existing Website?

If you're looking for ways of enhancing your content, try this guide at no cost to you. It offers valuable guidance on how to acquire and improve the single most important skill that you need to thrive on or offline.

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Trying To Sell A Product Online?

Here's a great read that is full of useful ideas and information.

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Is an on-line work from home part-time or full-time income business for you? You'll find this 7 part email mini course a real gift. It sets out a variety of income-generating ideas and options anyone can use to start up from home

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Weightloss Exercise - Here's How To Succeed With Your Weight Loss

There are countless other ways you can engage in productive weightloss exercise and fitness exercise while at the same time doing something you thoroughly enjoy doing. After all, how can you succeed with an exercise weightloss goal, if you're not enjoying the processes or actions involved in getting it!

Prior to embarking on a weight loss and exercise program, it's important to know the facts about you, what you want, what you like/don't like, your strengths and your weaknesses. Having this awareness will put you ahead of other women who simply jump on the bandwagon or follow trend with the latest fad weightloss quick fix.

Some of the questions you will need to concern yourself with are: which weightloss exercise is right for you? What is your current physical fitness level? What is your age? You'll find further information at the following:

Weight Loss Motivation

Selection of weight loss exercises

You'll Find Some Weight Loss Tips Here


3.  An Apple A Day

Healthy Eating - Some Common Barriers to eating healthily and some practical solutions for overcoming them

For many women, New Year is a time to quickly rush into spring cleaning their digestive system; diet fast to lose weight; or to start some form or another of fad diet after the months of over- indulgence.

If this refers to you, what you need to do, is to spend some quality time working out what your healthy eating goals are for 2007. That is, what you want to achieve and how you're going to achieve it.

Having a healthy diet is sometimes easier said than done, since a variety of reasons and/or barriers might stand in the way, your good intentions difficult to sustain.

As well as weighing up the issue of time constraint between your job and home/family responsibilities, not to mention the fact that many of you are having to balance a million and one other things in your life.

But you know,

While it might seem tempting to opt for less healthy foods because they are quick and easy to prepare, taking time to plan in advance what, when and how you eat is far less time-consuming than you might imagine.

Believe me when I say that investing a little bit of quality time to a plan for eating healthily, is far less hard work than a 'grab whatever I can eat' attitude. When you have a clear plan of action - you know where you're heading. When you know where your heading - you reduce anxiety, stress, or even going into starvation mode where you're more than likely to feast on quick unhealthy solutions.

You can get all the information you need to start planning your 2007 healthy eating goal here

A Selection Of Quick And Easy Healthy Recipes


The Key Approach To Your Weight Loss Diet Goals - Will Power Alone is not enough!

With the return of longer day light hours after the Winter months, many womens thoughts turn quickly to how they can diet to lose weight fast.

If you followed the healthy eating suggestions during the Winter months, you should not have gained excessive weight. But then again, you - as well as I know that we're all suceptible to those yummy treats over the Christmas period.

By now, many of you will have given thought to some worth- while weight loss diet goals. You know - the type that appears on many a New Year's resolution! Yet, surveys have shown that within two days of setting New Year's resolution, many of us will have given in to temptation and will have fallen foul to at least a few of our good intentions.

What got in the way of all those good intentions? Willpower! When you're embarking on a weight loss goal or any other goal for that matter, the key thing to remember is that 'willpower alone is not enough'. You see, when it comes to your goals you're up against some pretty stiff opposition if you merely rely on your 'willpower' to get you through.

Just think for a moment how many times you've heard someone frame their weight loss diet goal in terms of - 'I must lose weight', I must eat less fatty foods', 'I must stop eating x y z'. When you phrase your goal in this way, you're effectively reinforcing the fact that you are intent on depriving yourself of some of the foods you particularly enjoy, in some way, shape or form.

Do you see the amount of pressure you put yourself under before you've even started? In the case of your goal to lose weight, you may well be reinforcing a very negative body image.

Here's an example of what I mean. If you tell yourself you 'must' give up eating junk food, that thought becomes your brain's focus. The more you remind yourself of this intention, the greater the risk of triggering a whopping graving for that greasy kebab.

Your aim now is to go into the planning stage of your healthy eating weight loss diet goal for the remainder of 2007. Remember, 'Every minute you spend planning is time well spent.

You'll find the following resources useful.

How To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

Learn How You Can Lose Weight With The Mediterranean Diet

If You Don't Want To Go It Alone Find Out Whether Weight Watchers Can Help You


Cooks' Corner

Pasta With Tomato And Asparagus


  • 1 rubber-banded stock of asparagus
  • 1 14oz can of peeled diced tomatoes or 4 large ripen tomatoes
  • 2 teaspoons crushed red pepper
  • 2 to 2 1/2 tablespoons extra light virgin olive oil
  • Spaghetti noodles
  • Salt and pepper optional
  • Parmesan cheese - amount optional

    (Optional for meat eaters: cooked chicken or shrimps)


  • In a large nonstick skillet, add 1 tablespoon olive oil along with washed   : and chopped asparagus.
  • Cook until the asparagus gets a little soft, but DO NOT OVERCOOK!
  • Add tomatoes and crushed red pepper (chicken/shrimps if using)
  • Cook Spaghetti as directed on the package
  • Combine noodles and tomato mixture in large bowl
  • Stir in desired amount of parmesan cheese



    Healthy Eating Tips:

    1.  Why Healthy Snacking Is A Definate Yes

    Incorporating snacks into your daily diet will help keep your energy levels up, and make you far less inclined to over eat at meal times. You can snack healthily on small amounts of carbohydrate and protein foods such as crackers, low-fat cheese, yogurt, fruit or salad sticks.


    1.  Nutrient Dense Foods

    Which of the following is an example of a nutrient-dense food?

    a. Potato chips
    b. Chocolate bar
    c. Pretzel
    d. Orange

    According to Cheryl Bell, registered dietitian, the answer is D - Orange. Nutrient density is a measure of nutrients a food provides, compared to its calories.


    Womens Health And Food Supplements

    Obtaining your food health nutrition naturally from a balanced diet is always the best way of ensuring your overall health and wellness. However, For a variety of reasons, not to mention the fact that women will need certain vitamins moreso than men, health supplements are an excellent way of ensuring adequate intake of the required vitamins and minerals

    Learn More About Health And Wellness Supplements Here


    4.  Beauty And Beyond

    What Is The Life Span Of Your Cosmetic Make Up?

    According to womens, using your facial cosmetic make-up for over too long a period can put you at risk of getting an eye infection. While it is recommended by some experts that you should replace your make-up, (such as eyeliner and eye shadow but especially - mascara three months from purchase), you should throw away mascara once it becomes dry. Do also Avoid at all cost, introducing bacteria into your make-up by refraining from moistening your mascara wand with saliva.

    Inappropriate storage conditions can also hasten the expiration of your eye make-up. Don't be fooled either in thinking that natural products are any safer. They will go off at a faster rate if not stored at the correct temperature. This is because they do not contain preservatives, which means your risk of infection might well be greater. Be sure to keep your eye make-up at the recommended temperatures.


    Beauty Food Tips

    1.  Powdered Milk Is Beauty Food

    Which woman doesn't want silky soft skin!

    Add 2 cups of Milk Powder to your bath water
    Soak for at least 15 minutes
    Result: silky soft skin


    Hair Exfoliation

    Try this tip to to remove product build up from your hair and to make it shine. (Sent in by a reader), it will also give your hair a brilliant shine and plenty of volume:

    Use some coarse Kosher salt (from grocery store), mixed with a little of your favourite shampoo to wash your hair.



    5.  Looking Ahead

    Here's some of what you can expect in the next issue of Health Womens Inside Insight Newsletter!

  • Self-Concept continued... How To How To Manage The Different Parts    Of 'Self'

  • Financial Health And Wellness Dimension

  • Is Eating Healthily Better For Weightloss Than Weight Loss Exercise?

  • What A Healthy Diet Should Consist Of

  • What Is Your Definition Of Beauty?

       Plus much more....

    Hope you've enjoyed this edition. Do look out for the next edition of Inside Insight, which as usual will be of a similar high standard you have come to expect. In the meantime, I would appreciate you referring Health Womens 'Inside Insight' on to your family and friends. If a friend did forward this edition onto you and you like what you read, why not subscribe and get your own to enjoy the full Member benefits.

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    As always, I welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions on how to improve this Newsletter, as well as your views on any other issues you would like to see featured.

    Until then, remember....

    "There is no giant step that does it. It's a lot of little steps" (Peter A Cohen)

    "It's not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean" (Anthony Robbins)

    Toodley doo!

    Olga Graham
    Your Personal Development Coach And Mentor

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