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Inside Insight, Issue #011 -- Health Women's Healthy Solution
June 02, 2007

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to the June 2007 Edition of Health Womens' 'Inside Insight' Newsletter.
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Editors note

Meditations For Womens Health

Hi Ladies

Engaging in Regular meditation is increasingly being recommended by many physicians and other health professionals as a means of enhancing your holistic health and wellness.

The natural process of withdrawing attention from external influences and instead, consciously focusing inward, has made meditation one of the most powerful things you can do to enhance your over all health and well-being.

The many benefits of regular meditation include:

1. Stress reduction

2. Improved immune system functioning

3. Improved concentration and memory functioning

4. Enhancement of the nervous system

Now you too can experience the benefits of meditation on a daily basis. A group of women have put together empowering daily positive thoughts that are designed to inspire, motivate and bring fulfillment to womens.

"One Minute Meditations for Women” is a FREE daily email subscription of very powerful and moving motivational and inspirational quotes written especially for women. Make your day begin with thought provoking, soothing and uplifting words that will help you embrace the challenges that life throws at you. Wonderful stuff!

You'll find the link below for your FREE daily meditations.


1. Healing Thoughts, Healing Actions: Using Positive Visualisations

2. Living Fit: Healthy Living With Optimism

3. An Apple A Day Alternative Herbal Health Care Supplements

'Cooks Corner': Are You Ready For The 4th Of July - Recipes

4. Beauty And Beyond: Facial Skin Health Care


1.  Healing Thoughts - Healing Actions

Using Positive Visualisations

When we talk about the concept of positive visualization in the context of womens fitness goal setting or any other goalsetting activity, what does it mean? And more specifically, how can it help you?

Positive visualization is the process whereby you vividly and mentally imagine/create a 'state or the experience of having realised your goals before you have actually achieved them. So powerful is this act, that it has a "compelling effect on you in the present".

If you are in any doubt as to the validity and potency of positive visualisation in helping you to achieve your womens health and fitness goals, keep in mind that successful people and high achievers have one crucial characteristic in common. That is, - they always have a vivid picture in their minds of exactly what they want and how they are going to achieve it.

In fact, they will talk about their goal or goals as if they have already been achieved and they are merely going through the practicalities. You see, these successful women already know what achieving their goals is going to be like. So vivid and compelling are their visualisations that for them the goal outcome already exist in their minds and it is just a matter of their manifesting at the right time.

Read The Rest Of This Article Here


Here's a FREE gift for you that will help you to focus your mind - Free Daily Meditations For Women


2.  Living Fit

Healthy Living With Optimism

Healthy living is a broad concept and as such, should not strictly be thought of exclusively in terms of healthy eating habits; healthy lifestyles; the taking of regular physical exercise; drinking alcohol in moderation; making your body a smoke-free zone; and abstaining from drug use.

While the above have emphasis on the physical aspects of living healthily, a healthy lifestyle must surely also embrace those other aspects such as psychological, emotional and mental health health goals.

This healthy living article is therefore concerned with the concept of 'optimism' and how nurturing this positive health womens health trait is as much a significant contributor to your overall healthy living solution and healthy lifestyle goals.

Learn whether you're a healthy living optimist or and un-healthy living optimist Here



3.  An Apple A Day

Alternative Herbal Health Care Supplements

Are you one among the growing mass of women who have turned to herbal health, naturals, organics or herbal dietary supplements in the hope of maintaining good health?

As increasingly more and more women concern themselves with healthy living and healthy lifestyles, dietary supplements and in particular herbal diet supplements have certainly grown in popularity among many, seeking alternative health and lifestyle choices. But how safe are these herbals for health, womens health and wellness in comparison to drugs?

The whole issue of complementary, alternative therapies and health food supplements have come under the Food And Drug Administration's (FDA's) spotlight of late, with implications for how you access and even use herbal health food supplements and other complementary therapies for health - women might have come to rely on.

But is it simply a case of the (FDA) wanting to remove your freedom of choice between the traditional drug therapy route and the more natural dietary herbal health supplements/complimentary and alternative therapies?

Read The Full Herbal Health Article Here


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Cooks' Corner

Are You Ready For The 4th Of July - Recipes

Are you looking for some 4th of July recipes that is just that little bit different and has that "wow" factor?

Independence Day celebrations typically include the traditional red, white and blue theme foods. Why not spice up your recipes for 4th July by preparing a variety of red, white and blue food recipes.

Here are three free and deliciously different healthy recipes for you. You can make these quick, easy recipes in well under 20 minutes each.

4th of July Recipe - Tomato And Onion Soup

Delicious Dried Fruit Compote With Honey Custard

Herb-Baked Tomatoe Recipe - Ideal For Vegegarians


4.  Beauty And Beyond

Facial Skin Health Care

When it comes to health & beauty, for many women facial skin health care is their number one priority.

There are literally hundreds of facial skin care products on the market today, ranging from natural skin care products, herbal skin care, skin care facials, to anti-aging skin care products. The most widely used of all these health and beauty products are those used on a daily basis and include cleansers, toners, moisturerisers and to a lesser extent, skin exfoliants.

Your choice of face skin care product will be determined by your skin type, your skin health and your personal needs. For instance, you might find you need a specific skincare product or treatment for certain skin conditions such as eczema, or even a vitamin-enriched moistureriser to help maintain healthy skin. But what important factors do you need to look out for when choosing a product with the primary purpose of enhancing healthy skin?

Read The Remainder Of Skin Health Article Here


Beauty Tips

1.  Want To Minimise Wrinkles?

Limit your alcohol intake and reduce wrinkles.

Drinking alcohol in excess can block the production of the body's antidiuretic hormone. As a result, too much drinking makes the skin dehydrated and prone to wrinkles.

Alcohol also widens blood vessels and increases blood flow to the skin, which can lead to thread veins, a reddened "drinker's nose" and the skin condition rosacea (a form of acne), which causes a red rash or flushed complexion.


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Until then, remember....

"There is no giant step that does it. It's a lot of little steps" (Peter A Cohen)

"It's not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean" (Anthony Robbins)

Toodley doo!

Olga Graham
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