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Inside Insight, Issue #014 -- Womens Health And Fitness Information
October 02, 2007

The most insightful read you're likely to get ...And a whole lot more. Join the growing number of women who are learning to live the life they deserve


to the October 2007, Womens Health And Fitness Information Edition of 'Inside Insight' Newsletter. Here's What you'll find in this edition....

====== In This Issue #14 ======

Editors Note

Hi Ladies

Some of my readers have asked for greater clarity on the skills used by a professional life coach and how they can apply these in their own self-coaching activities.

Future articles under 'Healing Thoughts - Healing Actions' will as far as possible, aim to address this issue by approaching the subject matter from a professional life coach perspective, with emphasis on how you can develop and use these pre-requisite skills and qualities in your self-coaching activities.

Once you get a taste of just how empowering personal life coaching can be, you may well choose to enlist the the services of a professional life coach. The Choice is yours!


1. Healing Thoughts, Healing Actions: How To Nurture Your Health Fitness Skill Of Active Listening

2. Living Fit: How To Achieve Your Health Goals

3. An Apple A Day Cranberries Health Benefits

4. Beauty And Beyond: The Importance Of Health And Beauty Sleep


1.Healing Thoughts - Healing Actions

How To Nurture Your Health Fitness Skill Of Active Listening

We all hold aspirations for optimal health fitness; whether these relate to our general health - womens health, meaningful work/health experiences, spiritual, financial health and wellness or satisfying and fulfilling healthy personal relationships.

After all, achievement of these personal life goals enables us to live more rounded, well-balanced and deeply satisfying lives. Yet, few of us know how to go about achieving this level of health and fitness fulfillment in our lives. But just imagine if you knew how to tap into your own unique arsenal of health & fitness life coaching skills to create the life you truly deserve. It is not as far outside your reach as you might imagine!

I am going to share with you pre-requisite health and fitness life coaching skills that you can start nurturing today to move you closer toward your fitness health - womens health and aspirational goalpost. That is Active Listening

Learn How To Nurture Your Health Fitness Skill Of Active Listening Here



2.Living Fit

How To Achieve Your Health Goals

There are a number of important factors that contribute to successful achievement of your health, womens health goals, or any other goals for that matter. Yet, the only real difference between women who achieve and women who do not is desire. But how do you go about strengthening your desire to achieve?

This health womens article considers one key factor and how it will ensure your success with achieving personal goals. This factor relate to the issue of 'What motivate you?'. No, I don't just mean motivation in the general sense of the word, but the issue of 'what feeds your desire' toward achieving your personal health goals.

The reason this is important is because as humans, we always want to benefit from, or be rewarded for our actions; so we will strive to get something in return for those efforts. It is the thought of that end benefit or reward that create desire and keep us going even when the going gets tough.

Read The Full Health Goals Article Here



3. An Apple A Day

Cranberries Health Benefits

If you have ever seen cranberries you cannot help but admire this fruit's striking beauty.

Cranberries, which are vibrant in colour, are a powerful anti-oxidant, full of food health nutrition and health- giving properties. The fruit (berries) are extensively farmed particularly in northern United States and Canada. The berries have long been used for medicinal and ceremonial purposes by native people of some countries in which they grow.

Today, cranberry has wide culnary uses. We're all familiar with cranberries in one form or another. Some of the most common uses being cranberry juice, cranberry relish or cranberry sauce, cranberry pie and cranberry chutney. There are even supplements such as cranberry tablets, dried cranberry or health food products that contain cranberry extract.

Apart from the contributions to our healthy eating diet, the health benefits of cranberries are numerous. These fruit are packed with food health vitamins and health-ful compounds that are known to ward off certain health conditions and chronic diseases.

Read More About The Health Benefits Of Cranberry Here


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4.Beauty And Beyond

The Importance Of Health & Beauty Sleep

Are you getting enough health and beauty sleep?

Do you underestimate the importance of sleep and the implications for your holistic health and wellness?

The affects of sleep deprevation can have far reaching consequences. Just as we acknowledge that our 7 dimensions of wellness must all work in unison for optimal health life balance, all the parts of our bodies must also work together to achieve the same end.

However, our bodies can only achieve this for us with proper rest and sleep.

Read The Full Health & Beauty Sleep Article Here

You Can Get Your Own Custom Sleep Report Here

Learn The Natural Ways To Cure Insomnia



It has been brought to my attention by a new member that some of you might not have been able to access the free goal setting forms reserved strictly for Members. As you may already know, the forms require a password to gain access to them. However, owing to a technical hitch this has not been possible for some time.

I am now working on resolving this issue. In the meantime, I have made temporary provisions for you to access all the goal forms. As soon as the technical issue has been dealt with, these will revert back to being password protected and I will send you a new password to access the goal forms and other Members gifts.

I rely on and greatly appreciate Members letting me know whenever they encounter any hiccups on the site. In many instances I won't know about them unless you bring them to my attention so, thank you for that. You can access all the goal setting forms from the following url. Just scroll down to near the bottom of the page. Please be sure to follow the guidance accompanying each form.

Activity Goal Setting And Goal Forms


Hope you've enjoyed this edition. Do look out for the next edition of Inside Insight, which as usual will be of a similar high standard you have come to expect. In the meantime, I would appreciate you referring Health Womens 'Inside Insight' on to your family and friends. If a friend did forward this edition onto you and you like what you read, why not subscribe and get your own to enjoy the full Member benefits.

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As always, I welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions on how to improve this Newsletter, as well as your views on any other issues you would like to see featured.

Until then, remember....

"There is no giant step that does it. It's a lot of little steps" (Peter A Cohen)

"It's not the events of our lives that shape us, but our beliefs as to what those events mean" (Anthony Robbins)

Toodley doo!

Olga Graham
Your Personal Development Coach And Mentor

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