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Inside Insight, Issue #002 -- Health And Women's Health Issues
September 02, 2006

Welcome to the September 2006 Edition of Health Womens' 'Inside Insight' Newsletter

Here's What you'll find in this edition....

====== In This Issue #2 ======

1.Healing Thoughts, Healing Actions

Women and Health - Already taking care of your Mind and Body? Here is how to take care of your Soul. Plus..

Who Do You Think You Are! How healthy is your Self-Image?

2.Living Fit

Health and Wellness Products - Do you know what's in them? Learn to make your own safely and at a fraction of the cost

3.An Apple A Day

A huge resurgence of Interest sees this diet taking the UK by storm: Could this be the new weight loss diet craze? Plus...

'Cooks Corner' - Is vegetarian fare really the best healthy eating food?

4.Beauty And Beyond

Your handbag is home to your beauty aids but what else is it harbouring! Plus...

Another complimentary Skin, Health and Beauty Tips Book just for you

5.Looking Ahead

A glimpse at just a few of the issues to be covered in the next edition of Inside Insight Newsletter


Healing Thoughts - Healing Actions

Chicken Soup Is A Good Cure-All But Is It Good For A Woman's Soul?

Hey ladies, on the issue of health and women, your nutritional health isn't just about your food health or healthy eating habits. It is equally to do with how you go about feeding and nourishing your soul.

if you don't already know it, homemade chicken soup is a well known cure-all and an especially good pick-me-up when your're feeling unwell. But did you know there's a soul version of chicken soup? That's right, it's called Chicken Soup For A Womans Soul. Though It's not edible, it is undoubtedly digestable and most definitely consuming! Intrigued?

If you're looking for some sound inspiration and comfort over issues such as marriage, motherhood, aging, attitude, your self esteem and higher wisdom then I urge you to take a look at the pearls of wisdom of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series. You'll find many stories that honour the strength and reveal the beauty of the feminine spirit. Share incredible stories from people such as Oprah Winfrey, Linda Ellerbee, Kathie Lee Gifford amongst many others. You won't be disappointed. Learn more here

Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul >>


Health And Womens' Self Image: Who Do You Think You Are?

Health, women and health issues continue to dominate as popular and in demand topic that we just can't seem to get enough of.

Yet by far, a most under-represented womens health issue, is your 'Self Image'. Self image is the foundation upon which you build your life. It will determine all aspect of your life, - from the way you feel about yourself, to the relationships you form and especially about your health. Since self image is the core foundation and is directly related to emotional and mental health health womens healthy self- image is fundamental to all aspects of our well-being.

It is not unusual to hear some women define themselves in terms of 'their womens health issue' or, in some instances, by way of the negative perceptions they hold about themselves. For example, 'I'm a diabetic' or 'I have a weight problem'. How sad! Because the very impression we give other people when we refer to ourselves in this way, is that we have a 'problem' or weakness, so we define ourselves in terms of our weaknesses, rather than our strengths. Yes! It's very easy for many of us to focus on the less healthy aspects of ourselves than on the positive.

Have you ever considered how you define yourself as a woman? Do you see yourself first and foremost as a mother, a wife, a daughter or a student? Or do you define yourself as a career woman, a stay at home mum, teenager or a mature lady. Find the answer to this question and many more intriguing insights into - 'us women's' soul.

Read More Here >>


Living Fit

A Woman's Health Issue v Health And Wellness Products

Health and wellness products are more in demand than at any other time in history. As more and more women look to alternative care health or a natural health remedy for the answer to their health question, how certain are you as to the contents of that so-called 'natural health remedy' that is supposed to make you feel or look better?

The variety and scale of health and wellness programs or, alternative care health remedies is endless. Choices can range from the modest vitamin supplement or dietary supplement to the more higher end health and wellness products such as air purifyers for your home.

If you regularly buy Over the counter drugs, supplements or other health-enhancing products, the following information will enlighten you as to more natural alternatives for eliminating illness and enhancing wellness, without the use of drugs with harsh side effects.

Read The Full Story Here >>


Health Products Wellness Remedies: What's In Them?

As demand for health product wellness remedies boom, so too does the health and wellness products industry, fuelled by increasing health issues and especially in women.

Health and wellness products manufacturers have not previously been under any obligation to tell you what ingredients are in a specific health and wellness product, nor the quantities being used. For instance, purchasing health products for wellness, such as 'ginsing' does not guarantee you're getting a product containing 50% or even 10% ginsing. The health and wellness industry up until now, have not been regulated in ways that protect your best interest.

While it would seem that conventional medicine relies on scientifically backed research to substantiate effectiveness and safety, in contrast, the health and wellness products industry have had no such requirement.

If you're considering a wellness product for a womens health issue, what if you could treat numerous common ailments without the harsh side effects, using nothing but natural herbs, vitamins and nutrients you prepare yourself at home? For instance, did you know that placing yogurt on your face help to bring water from the deeper layers of your skin to the surface, moisturizing your skin for the rest of the day and hiding wrinkles?

Find Out More About Homemade Remedies And Recipes Here >>


The Personal Goal Setting Forms You've Been Waiting For

It never cease to amaze me how many so-called personal development gurus offer advice on personal goal setting, yet omit one of the key ingredients to successful goalsetting.

That key strategy relate to your ability to understand your core and personal values, since these will influence your level of success with your goals.

It's not always easy knowing what it is you want when you're embarking on the activity goal setting process. Yet, if you don't know what you want, it becomes difficult to even begin the process of setting your goals that are right for you. Goalsetting is a process that involve various stages of self-inquiry, clarification, evaluation, action planning and reviewing.

It is really quite easy when you know how. To make the process painless for you, over the coming months, I'll be providing you with one goalsetting activity form or goalsetting worksheet each month, along with a clear step by step guide on how to use the various forms.

The course is designed to take you smoothly and effectively through the goal setting process. There's really no need to feel daunted. The guidance is as clear as day. In any event, you can always contact me should you need any additional support. The course is the equivalent of 5 hours worth of professionally delivered guidance, at zero cost to you - no strings. I can guarantee you will not find a give-a-away of this calibre, anywhere on the net. Please do make good use of it.

Read Part One Of Your Goal Setting Guidance Here >>

The Course is open to all readers, however, the goalsetting worksheets and goal setting forms are strictly for Members of this newsletter. Existing Inside Insight Members - you can access the goal setting worksheets and and goalsetting forms from the above url. You'll find the link at bottom of the goals guidance page. You will be required to enter the pass-word that was sent to you in your welcome email when you signed up for the Newsletter. Drop me a line if you've mis-placed it. Contact Me or, alternatively by using the contact form via the website.

If you're not already a member, don't miss out! Sign up takes less than a minute.

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An Apple A Day

This Diet Is Taking The UK By Storm: A concoction of maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper - is this the new Weight loss craze?

If you haven't heard about the maple syrup and lemon juice diet, you have now! Although the maple syrup and lemon diet is technically a detox diet, it is claimed that many people are in fact using it to shed a great deal of weight. The diet has recently gained huge media coverage following the singer - Beyonce Knowles' claim that she lost a stone in weight, over a 14 day period.

Following a blast from dieticians for revealing how she lost weight, Beyonce has since issued a caution about using such a drastic measure of the maple syrup and lemon juice diet. She is reported as saying 'that there are other healthy ways to lose weight.

The maple syrup and lemonade diet involves drinking maple syrup with lemon, water and a pinch of cayenne pepper concoction for ten days or more. No other food or drink is consumed other than water. The diet is fast becoming the latest diet craze in the UK after it was featured by a number of fashion magazines - such as Elle.

Detox diets have been around since the 1960's and is the creation of nutrition guru Stanley Burroughs. Famous for his book, 'The Master Cleanser' published in 1976, Burroughs theory that people consume toxins such as pesticides, food additives and mercury through food, on a regular basis. These toxins build up to an extent where they overwhelm the body's natural cleansing system, thus causing fatigue, headaches and other symptoms commonly associated with allergies. By resting the digestive sytem from food, the body is given a chance to eliminate toxins and to recover.

You can find out more about the maple syrup lemon juice diet recipe from the link below.

All Master Cleanse - Maple Syrup Diet


Is Vegetarian Foods Best For Faring Well?

When it comes to healthy eating, all you vegetarian ladies are perhaps more healthy than your meat eating counterparts.

It has already been established that the vegetarian diet is one of the healthiest in the world, being low in fat and high in bran and fibre. Yet, just like meat eaters, vegetarians too, have their focus on maintaining healthy weight. The absence of meat in a low calorie and vegetarian diet can lead to an increase in the amounts of carbohydrate intake. This can present weight gain issues for some vegetarians just as much as anyone else. Knowing which carbohydrates to avoid, and which are good, filling and healthy for you, must be your starting point.

Learn More Here >>


Cooks' Corner

Healthy Eating Tips

Research continues to show the spectacular health-giving and disease- fighting properties of numerous vegetables.

Did you know for instance that Broccoli, spinach and yellow onions offer you the most protection from chronic diseases?

A study cited in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry claims that eating these vegetables, which contains the most phytochemical compounds, offers you protection against some common diseases such as cancer.

The health benefits of eating raw onions are numerous. Not only can they lower cholesterol and blood pressure, consuming onions on a regular basis help reduce your risk of heart disease, colon cancer and even inflamatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

In addition, onions are a known to have high levels of chromium and is especially beneficial to people who are diabetic. Eating raw onions helps helps regulate insulin, thus controlling blood sugar levels.

May be its about time that we took a leaf out of you lady vegetarians' book and start vegging up! Quit worrying about your onion breath and be sure to add plenty of raw yellow onions to your salads at least twice each week.


Beauty And Beyond

Learn The Shocking Truth About Your handbag
And How It Could Be Affecting Your Health

Ladies, your handbag is as much a part of your health and beauty regime, if only for the fact that it is home to our various essential items. But, are you in the habit of setting down your handbag or purse where ever you go? Well, break that habit fast!

According to (CBS) Baltimore, a new study has found that some women may be carrying more than just their handbags around with them. That's right, laboratory tests carried out on womens' purses found a host of unwanted viruses such as Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Staff Aruis and E-Coli on them.

How is this possible you ask? Just think about the last time you did any of the following and ask yourself this - what kind of unsavoury incident or deed could possibly have occurred on that spot?

  • On the floor at the hospital
  • On the floor or seat at a restaurant
  • Under your desk at work
  • On your kitchen work surface
  • The floor of your car, a taxi or public transport
  • On the floor in restrooms
  • Or on the floor while you dance!

    Every imaginable incidence has taken place on the surface you're placing your handbag. Remember that people throw-up in taxis or on floors, along with many other un-desirable things I don't care to mention.

    If you treat your handbag in this way, it is essentially no different to the bottom of your shoes. And you certainly wouldn't dream of putting your shoes on your kitchen counter would you? The advice issued by experts for protecting yourself against viruses, is to use hooks to hang your handbag at home and in restrooms. Don't place it on the floor!


    Natural Beauty Remedies

    Homemade Anti-Wrinkle Remedy

    Try blending egg white with some honey and apply to your face. Excellent for a smooth complexion as well as helping to reduce wrinkles.


    Natural Olive Oil and Vinegar Beauty Remedy

    Here is another beauty remedy, where olive oil is one of the chief ingredients. This beauty treatment will give your skin a healthy glow. The olive oil will soften and moisturise your skin. The vinegar will get rid of discolorations; even out your skin tone; help to eliminate dead skin cells, while acting as an anti-bacterial.

    1. Half - 1 cup of olive oil
    2. A quarter cup apple cider vinegar
    3. A quarter cup of warm water
    4. Mix well and use mixture as a body night cream

    Note: Wear long pj's and be sure to check you're
    not allergic to any of the ingredients.


    The National Women's Health Resource Center is offering a complimentary Skin Health and Beauty book for women. You can claim your copy by visiting the site. There's no indication as to the duration of the offer availability, so move fast if you want to secure this one at no cost to you. You'll find the url at the bottom of this page


    Looking Ahead

    Here's some of what you can expect in the next issue of Inside Insight!

  • Learn the many therapeutic benefits of Massage Therapy

  • Part 2 of your personal goal setting course plus complimentary
    goal setting forms to get you started on setting a goal thats SMART

  • More home-made beauty recipes and beauty tips

  • Plus much more...

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    Until then, stay healthy, stay happy!

    Toodley doo!

    Olga Graham
    Your Personal Development Coach And Mentor

    PS - It's not too late to make 2006 a Year to Remember...

    Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul

    Learn More About Homemade Remedies And Recipes >>

    All Master Cleanse Maple Syrup And Lemon Juice Diet Info

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